GALA by ILIDE , the story of the project.

In many North American establishments, up until you arrive in Canada, there is a typical, warm and friendly atmosphere. Among the characteristic materials that decorate them, such as wood and brickwork, there is also commonly the colored glass of old bottles hanging from the ceiling and cut to make lamps. The idea has now become an icon and is repeated in many variations of form and hue in many places, giving the space an exclusive atmosphere and a traditional look.
It is may

Porcelain lamp ETICA by ILIDE, The story of the project.

Etica’s story started in an old historic pottery workshop in Nove in the province of Vicenza, one of the most renowned places in the world for the production of ceramics. And it is in Nove, in the old family workshop of the artisans I work with (Mario and Luigi), that I first found a cylinder of porcelain abandoned in a corner among many prototypes with something strange about it, as if someone had written something inside the porcelain. I then stopped suddenly, grabbed the c

AFRICA, a ceramic lamp by ILIDE

A documentary journey and a reportage in African territories inspired AFRICA, a ceramic lamp by ILIDE, perhaps one of the most popular pieces of the ‘i materici’ collection. The designer Daniele Gualeni reinterprets the faces and silhouettes portrayed in African reportage, through an original and unprecedented formal synthesis for the lighting industry. “I was immediately fascinated by the pride and beauty that emerged from those portraits. I paused to reflect on the emotiona

The marble lamp -Roma-

The marble lamp Roma, stems from the memory of my evening walks along the Fori Imperiali.
My stature as a child barely allowed me to peer over the edge of the railings that surround the archaeological sites. Among the black silhouettes of the demolished walls everything was vague and hidden; only the thin shadows of broken pillars convinced me that I had before me the remains of ancient buildings made of bricks and stones. Probably because of those impressions from many years

Glass suspension ALBA by ILIDE, the story of the project

Wanting to give in to a game of suggestions and fantasies, you can imagine a citizen of Paris walking in the night during the first quarter of the century, deep in thought, his gaze fixed on his shoes he mistakenly believes that the light illuminating them is that of dawn; in fact, now that the nineteenth century has just began, a new technology has entered the service of all citizens, gas lights are turned on for the first time. For this reason the city will take the name “V


CICLOPE BY ILIDE WILL BE PRESENT AT TRIENNALE MUSEUM IN MILAN FOR XXI INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION. April 2 will open the doors of XXI Triennale International Exhibition 2016 in Milan entitled “21st Century. Design After Design”. For five months, the Palazzo dell’Arte, which is home to La Triennale di Milano, will become the epicentre of the multidisciplinary events of the XXI International Exhibition in 2016 and it will involve the entire city of Milan. This Triennale without wa