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GALA by ILIDE , the story of the project.

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

In many North American establishments, up until you arrive in Canada, there is a typical, warm and friendly atmosphere. Among the characteristic materials that decorate them, such as wood and brickwork, there is also commonly the colored glass of old bottles hanging from the ceiling and cut to make lamps. The idea has now become an icon and is repeated in many variations of form and hue in many places, giving the space an exclusive atmosphere and a traditional look.It is maybe for the refined poverty of their materials, or for the habit of seeing them hanging from dark-beamed ceilings, the fact is that this lighting icon appears to be timeless.

GALA, a ILIDE’s reinterpretation of the classic bottle lamp, was created from this inspiration, with which it combines the refined tradition of Italian glass, the one of vials side by side in mid nineteenth century perfumery windows, so no more alcoholic drink bottles but refined bottles in the old Italian art nouveau style, two traditions of a different nature that have a melancholic aesthetic and the idea of ​​suspending something that once was used for something else in common.

To complete this communion of old memories and traditions, we chose the elongated bulb in vintage style with a warm glow, golden, able to blur the glass and make it soft like a veil. The colors of the stem and the lining of the shaft are combined in different variations, and the suspension wire is coated in and ennobled by fabric.

Traveling you learn to look. Especially if, as in our case, you then want to draw. Then all those little things let us portray them, they pose for a souvenir sketch, and enter the notebook, following us on the return journey. When we travel, we also learn to look above our heads, and next to us. But if we want to draw, eyes are not enough to see what surrounds us. In the notebook we’ll also write down the smells, the sounds, the memory of objects; everything that will make a story. We designed Gala, and looking at it, we experience again the smell of those bars, a hot plate placed on the counter, the steps of the waitresses, the dappled light of the bottles hanging from the ceiling. The memory of old traditions and the flavor of new styles.

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