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Glass suspension ALBA by ILIDE, the story of the project

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Wanting to give in to a game of suggestions and fantasies, you can imagine a citizen of Paris walking in the night during the first quarter of the century, deep in thought, his gaze fixed on his shoes he mistakenly believes that the light illuminating them is that of dawn; in fact, now that the nineteenth century has just began, a new technology has entered the service of all citizens, gas lights are turned on for the first time. For this reason the city will take the name “Ville Lumiere” and it will beautify itself for the Belle Epoque.

Playing the same game we can imagine a new lamp reminiscent of those along the street and of those styles, a lamp that even without gas, will be covered in glass of the same shape.

From these suggestions comes the ALBA a glass suspension project by ILIDE, designed looking at the calligraphy of the early 1800s which guaranteed elegance even in the smallest things, a distant time when grasping the handle of a carriage, you had the feeling of holding a flower.

Art Nouveau, we confess, has inspired us. The idea of ​​an ALBA (dawn in Italian) that gives its light to public lighting progress, and its name to our lamp. In the end we have a little skirt, a piece of candy or a glass suspension, in short, a shape that makes light a sweet thing.

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