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April 2 will open the doors of XXI Triennale International Exhibition 2016 in Milan entitled “21st Century. Design After Design”.

For five months, the Palazzo dell’Arte, which is home to La Triennale di Milano, will become the epicentre of the multidisciplinary events of the XXI International Exhibition in 2016 and it will involve the entire city of Milan.

This Triennale without walls will be an opportunity to experiment with new display methods: creating a territorial laboratory for discussion and the creation of narratives where design becomes the engine for new economies, logistics innovations, new individual and collective services, acquiring a strategic role at the ‘global’ age.

Each venue (La Triennale di Milano, Fabbrica del Vapore, HangarBicocca, Museo delle Culture, the Politecnico University, IULM University, Villa Reale di Monza) will have its own curator for a thematic exhibition.

Ciclope by ILIDE has been selected as a symbol of feminine design for W. Women in Design exhibit.


The Ninth Edition of the Triennale Design Museum curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, with installation design by Margherita Palli, examines Italian design in the light of one its most delicate, most problematic aspects – but also one of the most exciting and appealing, which is that of gender.

The idea that gender is no longer just a biological and natural fact, but rather a cultural issue opens up interesting perspectives for what design after design might be. But to address the question of gender in design in an objective and balanced manner, we first need to examine the great removal of the female gender perpetrated during the twentieth century.

The modernity of the twentieth century pushed women’s design skills to the side-lines, where it has been virtually ignored by design historians and theorists.

The twenty-first century is increasingly showing a new-found intensity in these design skills. Women create, design, experiment, risk and challenge. The chronological approach tells this story in a lively, dynamic manner, using the metaphor of a river that runs the whole length of the twentieth century.

The Triennale Design Museum celebrates women as the new creative force behind a form of design that is less high-handed, less authoritarian, more spontaneous and more dynamic. Ultimately it wonders if this new affirmation of women will prove to be one of the top aspects of “design after design.”

The exhibition will see the most significant projects of women designers in recent years visible to the public in the next few months in Milan.

Table lamp ‘Ciclope’ designed by Orietta Ceccato and Maristella Aloia for ILIDE has been selected and will be displayed as an expression of this new trend.

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