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The marble lamp -Roma-

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

The marble lamp Roma, stems from the memory of my evening walks along the Fori Imperiali.My stature as a child barely allowed me to peer over the edge of the railings that surround the archaeological sites. Among the black silhouettes of the demolished walls everything was vague and hidden; only the thin shadows of broken pillars convinced me that I had before me the remains of ancient buildings made of bricks and stones.

Probably because of those impressions from many years ago, the first image that sums up Roman architecture for me is that of the pillar. The invention, of course, belongs to the Greeks, and was their reaction to the blinding Mediterranean light that burst into the landscape threatening to hide their temples. Fluting columns, they forced the sun to outline the construction’s body and mark it with thin but invincible lines of shadow. The Romans did not demand as much, but hatching was still indispensable and it was flattened on walls transforming it into pillars.

Thinking of a marble lamp, I started from the shadow and I drew Roma, an object which I wanted to remain emotionally tied to, remembering that chiaroscuro in the flutes of the columns that struck me so strongly during my walks near the extensive ruins.I liked to imagine, on the wall of a room, a pillar fragment, in its unique simplicity. The shadow carved in stone: an impression from many years ago, an invention from many centuries ago.

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