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Choosing the right light, ILIDE’s tips.

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

How to choose the right lamp to illuminate the house is always a very popular question. Choosing the right light can make a difference both in terms of saving energy and enhancing the atmosphere. The answer to this question, however, cannot be generic, each room needs its own proper lighting and furniture according to what we have to do in that place. The first thing to understand is if the room that we want to illuminate needs a good amount of light to be able to work in it, or if it is mainly dedicated to relaxation, reading or other activities.

So let’s analyze all the rooms of our house point by point.

ENTRYWAY The first light that visitors will see when visiting us. Let’s avoid spotlights or very strong lights for this room, outside it could be night and lights that are too direct or concentrated can dazzle us and our guests during the transition between outside and inside. Convey a sense of warmth instead with indirect lighting from the wall, such as with the marble lamp Roma by ILIDE. In this way we will create a diffused and warm light for even the most sensitive eyes. A good idea for this environment is also to avoid wall or ceiling lights and instead opt only for table lamps, such as BELLA by ILIDE or CHIARA, which efficiently play the role of precious item of furniture and welcome light.

LIVING/DINING It is the main room of the home that will house important moments of our lives, we may share it with friends or experience it ourselves. It must be possible to create at least three different light situations, from the most intimate to the most illuminated and to do that you must have at least 3 or 4 light points that you can control individually. We start enriching at least one corner of the room with a floor lamp, such as ETICA, ALBA or ELETTRA by ILIDE. Stems with a tall and clean design, made with precious materials such as glass and ceramic, will serve as a piece of furniture and a sign of style even when switched off.One or two lamps with indirect light, such as ROMA by ILIDE, will provide lighting that is both bright and widespread and will avoid leaving the walls in shadows during parties with friends. Finally, we conclude with some pendant lamps near important objects such as a picture, or on such intimate areas as a tea table or a reading corner. For these intimate areas we’ll choose  thin and unobtrusive pendant lamps that are able to discreetly enhance our corner. perfect solutions for these atmospheres are ETICA, ALBA or AFRICA by ILIDE or a cascade of 3 elements of the GALA collection by ILIDE.

KITCHEN In the kitchen you need a good amount of light: so you need a lighting fixture, placed over the central table, which can accommodate one or more bulbs for at least 1,500 lumens. If the kitchen is larger than 20 square meters you can choose lamps with a diameter greater than 30cm, such as MATERA, BUBBLE or TICK by ILIDE, made of ceramic, Murano glass or natural wood. Small or very intimate kitchen environments should instead make up for their size, creating a dynamic and vibrant environment that is perhaps very colorful. If the environment is less than 20 square meters, create a cascade of at least 3 or 4 lamps with a diameter of less than 30cm above the table. The LISA collection by ILIDE allows you to play with colors and keep a classic style, while SORELLA or ETICA lamps by ILIDE give you the chance to create a cascade of strictly “white” elements.Finally, remember to embellish large kitchens with important decorative items, such as vases or fruit bowls, which recall the main lamp materials (ceramic, glass or wood), while decorating small rooms with tastefully placed aromatic herbs contained in jars in the colors of your cascade of lamps.Whether you’ve opted for the big lamp or the cascade of elements, to avoid confusion the remaining kitchen lights shouldn’t be invasive; use recessed spotlights or counter top lights, or maybe 1 or 2 wall lamps such as ROME by ILIDE for indirect lighting.

OFFICE The office is another important room where choosing the right light make the difference. It is important to place at least one conical pendant light above the work table, perfect solutions are AFRICA, SORELLA, ETICA or MATERA. Choose solutions with a height adjustable cord, so you can position the lamp  to prevent the light from bothering your eyes. We can combine an indirect light wall lamp that highlights a painting or a wall with special architectural value with the pendant lamp over the work table.Any piece of furniture in the office may be enriched with a particularly fine table lamp, such as CHIARA or the BELLA collection by ILIDE.

BEDROOM For this environment plan on two bedside lamps on the nightstands, simple and intimate solutions like CICLOPE by ILIDE or more modern ones like TENUE are perfect. The bedside lamp should never exceed 30cm in height and should have a brightness no higher than 350 lumens. For the central part of the ceiling it is important to choose a decorative light, such as VENEZIA by ILIDE.Any piece of furniture in the bedroom may be enhanced with a particularly fine table lamp, such as CHIARA or the BELLA collection by ILIDE.

BATHROOM For this environment choosing the right light is very important. We need a good lighting above the mirror (or at its sides) of at least 400 lumens (but not above 600). Avoid bright lights over your head, a good bathroom light must not create shadows around the eyes and should not show skin under the hair, strong lights aimed toward you alter the perception of your face while brushing your hair or when you take care of yourself. If you have a high ceiling you can plan for pendant lamps but always keep in mind that the environment will often be very moist, avoid glass and where possible always choose recessed or hidden spotlights.

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