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VENEZIA is a Murano Venetian chandelier, which revisits classic Venetian chandeliers in a modern way. It consists of eight elegant crystal calla lilies, blown by mouth and hand shaped, which with a rhythmic alternation design soft shapes to compose an object of great visual impact.


External sandblasting at the end of the Murano glass calla lilies prevents the blinding effect of the light bulb while maintaining excellent light diffusion. The set of calla lilies is internally accompanied by a steel frame that holds the precious crystals and by fabric cables that create movement and an elegantly soft structure. 


VENEZIA is an unprecedented and surprising creation in the world of artistic chandeliers: it preserves the use of traditional materials and the style of classic Venetian chandeliers in Murano glass, while, thanks to the contribution of qualified designers, favoring clean lines, avoiding to add forms that are too pompous to a choice of decor that is already challenging, leading to a harmonious end result that is elegant and refined.


The Murano glass Venetian chandelier VENEZIA is a perfect combination of the ancient art of glass making from Murano and the new forms of modern design. It combines past and future, passion and contemporaneity. Made entirely by hand with the ancient art of Murano masters, it combines the ancient art of glass making with modern materials, creating a unique effect that lights up the atmosphere of each environment becoming its centerpiece. 


VENEZIA, made exclusively for ILIDE, is available on request and therefore it's possible to customize the color of the glass (clear, smoky gray, amber) as well as the color of the cables (available in red, white or gold). It is also possible to create matching wall and ceiling lamps or others. 

ILIDE offers the chandelier in the picture with smoky gray calla lilies and red fabric cables for an elegant and sophisticated effect. Fill in the information request form on the side for more information on customizing your order or specify the variant chosen at the time of the order. 

Venezia, Murano Venetian chandelier

  • The Venezia reflects superior quality and the rediscovery of craftsmanship. These elements combined with
    the desire for renewal and modern design are the basis for this innovative Murano chandelier. Venezia by Ilide, in fact, is a unique modern interpretation of classical Venetian chandeliers. The chrome structure supports the elegant Murano glass arms and fabric cables draw its shape.

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