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TICK by Ilide is a series of wood lamps that combine simplicity, elegance and naturalness in an object with unique design and exclusive craftsmanship.


The simple dome structure is externally embellished with manual engravings, executed with expertise and precision. The carving gives the item a particular sculptural effect of great quality. Careful lacquer work is done on the inside of the lamp, it is white and non-toxic, necessary for safeguarding the quality of the light produced.


A classic material, processed and treated with the most innovative techniques aimed at making it a fashionable product in line with current needs. TICK is a truly unique and exclusive wood lamp. The color, defined by the grain of the wood selected, as well as the handmade exterior carvings vary from one piece to another. This gives each item a unique character. 

The dome-shaped lamp comes in two sizes and two colors. The 'small' size of 48 cm is available in 'natural wood' color (natural wood with oil finish) and 'dark wood' (dark wood with a wax finish). The 'big' version, measuring over 60 cm, is available in the 'natural wood' color (natural wood with oil finish). On request it is also possible to create a smaller 30cm version, ideal for use in a series (fill in the request form here at the side).


TICK is a quality lamp and its other parts have been studied in an equally sophisticated way. The TICK wood lamp is in fact offered with a bronzed and brushed canopy and hangs from a steel cable precisely, accompanied by the gentle movement of the power cord. 

The wood lamp TICK is an object rich in splendor, which combines the naturalness of wood with the strength and precision of an ancient practice. TICK is not only suitable for rustic environments, its obvious elegance makes it perfect to embellish any type of kitchen or living room. 

The choice of wood as the predominant material makes TICK easy to place in environments with a classical and refined taste, while the simple shape and clean lines make it versatile and easy to place in any home with a modern or contemporary style. Elegance and simplicity, then, but also a return to natural materials.

Tick, wood lamp

  • A series of lamps shaped by skilled Italian sculptors from a generation long tradition of wood sculpture. An object full of charm that combines the strength and precision of ancient artistry. A simple dome structure embellished with a precise carving. Two carving variations and a natural or dark finish distinguish the versions. Available in diameters of 19in or 24in.

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