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The pendant lamp TERRA by ILIDE is a handcrafted terracotta lamp with a dome shape, made with a mixed clay technique using the colors of sand, burnt sienna and mocha. The natural material is handcrafted, this allows for reduced thickness and a rough surface. 


The dome of TERRA, with its white sand color, is made with the final part of the burnt sienna and mocha streaks. The mixed clay technique is a unique process, exclusively made in Italy, which allows one to mix and blend different clays without compromising the robustness of the object. No coloring is added: the colors of TERRA are the natural 

ones of the clays used to shape it, without the application of any dyes, glues or varnishes.


Made entirely in Italy with raw Italian materials, TERRA is a terracotta lamp which, thanks to its artistic form and the great decorative impact is ideal as a piece of furniture, in addition to it's main function. The generous dimensions are designed to make it a beautiful object of great impact even when alone. 


An ornamental terracotta lamp, finely processed and finished to make the most of the highly decorative effect of ceramic: an ancient yet contemporary material, also because of the thoughtful design. The handcrafted production process makes each artifact unique since no two will be exactly alike, small variations and irregularities are proof of this special production process which calls for being baked in the oven twice, making the coating robust and scratch-resistant for lasting and unchanging beauty over time.

The terracotta lamp design of TERRA, furnishes the environment according to the trends of contemporary style. A product that merges the tradition of a natural material such as clay and a careful study of shapes, the result of research and attention, into a single essence. Modeled by following the contemporary and current aesthetics  of our day, TERRA retains the charm of a timeless object that enriches every environment with quality and pleasure. A unique piece in the culture of interior furnishing. 

Terra, terracotta lamp

  • Made of mixed clay using a uniquely Italian technique that allows the combination of different clay colors without compromising the integrity of the object. The outer surface features the natural colors of the clays, without the application of coloring, glues or varnishes.

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