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The pendant light Sombrero by ILIDE is an artisan lamp inspired by the typical Mexican hat from which it takes its name, a symbol of the culture of a people.

In the artisan lamp SOMBRERO we find the same idea of ​​colors and colorful designs that make this item a real ornament, in addition to its main function. 


The SOMBRERO artisan lamp is made with a mixed clay technique. Different types of clay, in the colors of sand, burnt sienna and mocha are mixed and subsequently modeled in this typical form.  The configuration of the streaks is not predictable and is different each time. This makes each Sombrero piece different from the next. The light source sits inside the hat which shields the glare. The numerous holes in the top of the lamp allow the external surface to show even when the lamp is on, they also help the natural cooling process, improving the dissipation of the bulb's heat, this allows the installation of light sources up to 100W.


SOMBRERO is an artisan lamp with a natural and decorative appearance. The outer surface of the clay is left rough and slightly coarse, this gives the product's material a vivid and expressive texture. An ancient material and yet contemporary, thanks to the thoughtful design that distinguishes it. The inside of the lamp has a finish that is transparent crystal clear, non-toxic and specifically for ceramics, which gives it shine and allows the light to be reflected best. 


Made entirely in Italy with raw Italian  materials, Sombrero is a terracotta artisan lamp which, thanks to its innovative shape and generous size, is suitable for furnishings that show good taste and an uncommon sense of design. A unique piece in the culture of interior furnishings, full of an emotional force that enriches the environment and gives a sense of peace and well-being. It seamlessly integrates into any environment and is ideal for being placed alone, as the protagonist of a stylish room. 

Sombrero, artisan lamp

  • Made of mixed clay using a uniquely Italian technique that allows the combination of different clay colors without compromising the integrity of the object. The outer surface features the natural colors of the clays, without the application of coloring, glues or varnishes.

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