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Rome, with clean and minimalist lines, is the Travertine marble wall lamp by ILIDE. Powered by two powerful latest generation LED (2x15,4W) it emits a warm light, bi-directional, which ensures extremely low power consumption and an outstanding service life of about 50,000 hours, high light output (2692 lumens) and unique brilliance. No infrared or UV ray emission and high color rendering (CRI 80).


Through the use of latest generation linear LED devices, the marble wall lamp ROMA emits light vertically along the wall, however, unlike other vertical light lamps, the multi-directional LED technology doesn't project shadows on walls avoiding dark/light effects often caused by irregularities or unevenness in the walls of the house.


The design of the marble wall lamp ROMA is inspired by the colonnades and temples of the monumental city from which it takes its name and is suitable for any modern or classic environment in which a powerful but discreet light is needed, able to effectively illuminate the room without creating annoying glare.


A single wall lamp is able to light up a 20 square meter room very well. The minimal thickness of the lamp, which protrudes only 7.5cm from the wall, makes it perfect for both residential and business environments and in all those connecting rooms in which the overall thickness cannot be overlooked. For instance: corridors in houses, hotels, entrances, exits and bathrooms.


The light emitted by this marble wall lamp can be controlled separately above and below, during installation you can choose to connect the two light sources to a single switch or to two different switches, thus varying the intensity and atmosphere of the environment.

Roma, marble wall lamp

  • Roma, made of fleuri-cut Travertine, utilizes the latest LED technology. The lamp reveals the timeless beauty of the marble, becoming an elegant furnishing, a truly monumental piece, like its namesake.

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