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Simple and elegant porcelain cylinders to be placed in a cascade assembly for translucent and dynamic compositions. The PORCELAIN cylinders are coupled above with machined-copper cable-covering plates and are assembled with cloth-covered cables in a similar shade to the copper itself. They are simple and elegant modular elements that play with the contrasts of two noble materials such as porcelain and copper. In the hands of skilled architects or designers, they can be arranged at will to create imaginative and strongly characterising combinations.


The nature of the fine porcelain makes it possible to direct light downwards while still allowing some of the light to transpire into the environment. To fully illuminate a room of 5m x 5m, we suggest compositions of at least 10 pieces. For rooms or parts of the house where you only need to create a bit of atmosphere, we suggest mini cascade assemblies of 3 elements for each corner or table to be covered.


Cascade compositions can be created on a project basis.

Porcelain, dynamic compositions

  • A simple pendant lamp but when illuminated reveals an elegant contrast in color between the translucent porcelain and copper top cover. A copper colored wire cord completes the design.

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