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Olla is a small terracotta lamp that uses contrast as a form of expression and uses terracotta in the shades of sand and caramel as a color. The natural material is made by hand, this reduces thickness and results in a pleasantly rough surface. 


The OLLA body is made with sharp contrasts. The texture is the natural one of the material used to shape it, no dyes, glues or varnishes have been applied. A lighting object that mirrors the love for materials and forms, OLLA is a small clay lamp that adds a touch of warmth and craftsmanship to the surrounding space and is well suited to modern, classic or contemporary environments.


A tribute to nature, OLLA makes the most of the highly decorative effect of terracotta that enhances a color contrast design in a harmonious way. The creative and functional research, which is the basis of the creation, makes OLLA a decorative solution for furnishings that are always modern. Simple and bold, this small terracotta lamp creates a unique atmosphere that will attract the eyes of guests and complement your furniture with style and elegance.

Made entirely in Italy with raw Italian materials, OLLA, thanks to its artistic form, attention to detail and finish is a product of particular quality. Perfect as a piece of furniture in addition to its main lighting function. The dimensions are designed to make it an optimal object for a series or cascade, also in combination with other terracotta lamps of the Matera series.

The artisan production process makes each piece unique. Because of the baking process the material is robust and scratch-resistant, for lasting and unchanging beauty over time. OLLA, belongs to the collection of textural lamps by ILIDE, all handmade unique pieces that use high quality materials which can also be paired with one another. 

Olla, small terracotta lamp

  • Made of mixed clay using a uniquely Italian technique that allows the combination of different clay colors without compromising the integrity of the object. The outer surface features the natural colors of the clays, without the application of coloring, glues or varnishes.

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