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ILIDE's MOMA is a highly original and modern design lamp. It is made by coupling two steel cones of different colours, which can be combined one on top of the other in different configurations. MOMA's unique design will be a sure success for your commercial spaces and for enhancing your interior spaces.

MOMA is currently available in different gray and beige combinations, as per the catalogue, but the lamp can be requested in pairs of RAL colours in large orders.


MOMA is inspired by the movements of Italian post-modern design, from which it inherits the breaking of functional rigidity and the combination of contrasting colours.

Post-modern Italian design embraced industrial production and production for a mass audience, playing with colour but also with decoration, fabrics and the light of objects, up to embracing all that is kitsch and designing a world where everything was possible: a utopian and subversive one that is also light and ironic.

MoMa, modern design lamp

  • A handcrafted metal pendant lamp inspired by fashion and specifically the wrap-around movement of skirts and dresses. MoMa consists of 2 overlapping cones, available in various colors to create 12 different combinations (other colors available on request). Designed to be customizable.

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