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MIA, with a youthful and fresh design, is another bedside LED lamp by ILIDE. MIA is a piece of furniture with an original and modern style, essential in environments with a clean and minimalist look to which it adds a touch of simplicity and delicacy.


The MIA LED  bedside lamp is a tribute to the image of the light bulb, intended as an icon of ideas and genius, a symbol of the technology that illuminated the twentieth century. 


MIA is made with innovative high quality materials that are both functional and practical that require very little maintenance: painted white aluminum  and milky white blown glass.


The ultra compact design of this bedside LED  lamp fits in with furnishings without wasting space. It is ideal for small areas in which you do not want to sacrifice having a designer object that is technologically advanced. 


The bedside table lamp MIA uses an integrated 400 lm latest generation LED that works with grid voltage and therefore does not require a transformer, it is dimmable (with a dimmer for grid voltage LED). 


The low power consumption and high performance make this LED bedside table lamp a perfect object for nighttime reading without disturbing your partner, or for creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the living area. 


MIA gives a diffused, but not invasive, uniform, natural and comfortable light with only 4.5W energy consumption. Thanks to LED technology, the bulb will never need to be replaced (LED lasts an almost unlimited amount of time, approximately 50,000 hours).


Ideal as a bedside lamp, it is also perfect on a dresser or desk in other areas of the home where you want a modern table lamp with a new and original design. 

Mia, LED table lamp

  • Made of milk-white blown glass with a simple, clean shape, Chiara is an attractive hi-tech lamp that fits perfectly in both modern and traditional homes. Made with the most advanced LED technology, it is powered directly, without the use of transformers. An innovative light source with a neat design, extremely low power consumption, and incomparable brilliance.

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