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MATERA by Ilide is a terracotta pendant lamp with a prismatic shape. The natural material is made by hand, this allows for reduced thickness and a coarse grained surface that accentuates the material aspect. 


The domes of each MATERA are similar in form, but characterized by an identity given by the color of each of the three types. In the 'white' version we find a white sand dome with a mocha-colored streaked border; the 'red' version has a white sand dome with a mixed burnt sienna and mocha streaked border; the 'black' has a mocha dome and white sand streaked border.


The lamp Matera is made of mixed clays with a unique technique, exclusive of Italy, which allows the mixing and blending of different clays without compromising the robustness of the object. No colors are added, the colors of MATERA's surface are those of the natural clays used to mold it, without the application of any dyes, glues or varnishes. The inside of the lamp has a finish that is transparent crystal clear, non-toxic and specifically for ceramics, which gives it shine and allows the light to be reflected best.


Made entirely in Italy with raw Italian materials, Matera is a terracotta lamp which, thanks to its artistic form, perfectly fits in any environment. The generous size (diameter greater than 50 cm) is designed to make an optimal object of great impact even when hanging alone. 


An ornamental lamp, finely crafted and meticulously finished, which makes the most of the highly decorative effect of terracotta. An innovative design that is rural at the same time, but with a subtlety and delicacy difficult to replicate, thanks to the natural material that composes it. Small irregularities and slight variations from product to product are the confirmation of artisan craftsmanship, using ancient techniques.


A product that merges the tradition of a natural material and an accurate design resulting from research and attention into a single essence. Modeled by following the contemporary and current aesthetics of our day, Matera retains the charm of a timeless object that enriches and enhances any environment.

Matera, terracotta lamp

  • Made of mixed clay using a uniquely Italian technique that allows the combination of different clay colors without compromising the integrity of the object. The outer surface features the natural colors of the clays, without the application of coloring, glues or varnishes.

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