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Handcrafted lamp in sanded glass that reproduces the ETICA model of ILIDE. The simple structure lacking inserts is an ideal product for domestic environments and for creating calm and welcoming atmospheres. It can be used with originality if combined with models of the same profile in a cascade assembly, for example the ETICA or ETICA STEEL lamps.

Unlike the ETICA model, LUNA does not have any internal cylinders and, unlike the ETICA STEEL model, it allows light to diffuse in all directions.

The sanded artisan glass hides the light bulb, avoiding glares and evenly diffusing light.

Luna, Handcrafted lamp

  • A hand blown sanded glass pendant lamp. Simple in design, but style is
    in the details. Lamp includes small “striped” ball mounted on its top. which acts as a hatch, and is suspended by a white fabric wire cord.

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