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Venetian Murano glass vase made with the so-called "submerged" technique.

Vases made with this technique can be ordered from Ilide in different colours.


The "submerged" technique is a Murano glass art form that results in layers of contrasting colours (usually two): the technique involves the immersion of thick blown glass into the crucible containing a different colour of equally thick transparent glass. The superimposition of thick layers of transparent glass creates particular chromatic effects. The submerged technique was developed in Murano during the late thirties and became popular in the fifties. This process is a technique mainly used for vases, but it is sometimes also used for sculptures.

Goccia, Murano glass vases

  • These Murano glass vases use a “submerged” technique to create a unique and stylish piece that would compliment any room. Colors and sizes available upn request.

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