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GIOIA GLASS is a glass pendant lamp designed to illuminate the environment over which it is placed in a diffuse and tenuous way, creating a welcoming and luminous atmosphere. This pendant lamp's originality comes from the modularity of the decorative glass elements that cover the cable (available in two different shapes); few or many of these elements can be used as desired and depending on the length of the cable to be covered. This makes it possible to create dynamic and customisable 'pendant' compositions for high or low ceilings, offering ample room for the client's creativity and imagination.


When ordering, you can choose how many 'beads' (glass cable-covering elements) you would like to match with the model according to your needs and the amount of cable to be covered.


For combinations of multiple 'cascade' lamps, we suggest combining "GIOIA GLASS" with a few models of "GIOIA CERAMIC": the twin version of this lamp which is instead entirely in ceramics. This assembly maintains the same design and the same formal concept, but by adding glazed ceramic spotlight elements to the glass ones, the composition has increased character and dynamism thanks to the concentration of a bit more light on the floor beneath it.


The GIOIA GLASS model is made of a type of artisan glass known as 'rigatino'.

Gioia Glass, glass pendant lamp

  • Inspired by the works of Constantin Brancusi, Gioia reinterprets common table suspension lighting with customization. Hand blown glass pendant in “rigatino” style comes equipped with a standard 6-piece glass design. It can be customized with a maximum of 20 elements per cable.

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