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GALA, a classic pendant lamp by ILIDE, is an artisan lamp made of borosilicate glass and colored glass paste, finely crafted and finished by hand. The lamp body is blown and fused to the neck during processing creating a unique glass fusion, without interruption, joints or glued pieces. A very refined artisan piece, expression of great Italian craftsmanship.


GALA, classic pendant lamp by ILIDE is inspired by the nightclubs of North America, an environment where the use of bottles as lampshades for vintage style warm light bulbs is emerging more frequently, revived by designers and artists. GALA by ILIDE is inspired by these works and reinterprets their style with more classic and refined references, a direct expression of the ancient Italian glassmaking tradition which in the past found practical application in the production of decorative jars or bottles for liqueurs, grappas or precious perfumes. The idea of the bottle as a cover for the light still remains, but the one that decorates GALA is a precious artisan bottle, a sign of style and tradition.


GALA, a classic pendant lamp by ILIDE, is suitable for classical and elegant settings that are also open to modern and original references. The delicate glass of gala (both the smooth and ribbed versions) highlights the details of a refined and well-maintained environment that is inspired by tradition but with an eye on new design trends.

The fair and balanced nature of GALA, combined with its high artistic value, make it a lasting object intended to endure for years without ever tiring, GALA is a light source but also a high quality decorative piece that enhances and adds value to the beauty of homes and furniture.

For very large spaces, such as on a long table or in a corridor, we suggest merging multiple lamps mixing the versions, some smooth and some striped.


Alone or in combination with more elements, GALA by ILIDE is the ideal solution to illuminate kitchen counter tops, tables, lounge corners, but also as a lamp hovering beside the bed instead of a classic bedside lamp, the accurate design of the lamp and its artistic nature will add a touch of class to any environment in which you place it. 

The length of the cord included with GALA is standard, for specific inquiries about the length of the cables we recommend filling in the information request form on the right.


Compatible bulb: GALA, classic pendant lamp by ILIDE, has been carefully designed to accommodate Vintage style filament bulbs, both small and elongated. These bulbs (consistent with what is shown in photo) can be ordered separately or directly from us by calling the company.

Gala Rigata, classic pendant lamp

  • Series of lamps inspired by North American environments. The iconic bottle pendant lamp reimagined in fine Italian glass, with an elegant textile cord, is conceived to be used with a long vintage bulb, but it is compatible with any E26 bulb. Transparent glass. Paired or in multiples, it becomes a perfect lighting solution.

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