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The steel version of ILIDE's Etica model is a hammered brass lamp with an amazing internal finish effect. The entire lamp is made of hand-worked brass, but the outer surface is treated with a smooth and opaque finish, thus creating a defining contrast between the inside and outside, making the product extremely pleasant, especially when used as part of a cascade lamp assembly arranged at different heights.


The internal surface of this brass lamp is jagged due to the hammering, and reflects the light in a way that is enveloping and not glaring, adding warm and enveloping colours to any environment. The perfection of the external surface makes the product minimalistic at times, suitable for furnishing both residential and commercial areas with style.

The semi-closed bell design closes off any direct view of the bulb, and therefore any annoying glares.


Available in white or black matte, with circular golden engraving on the outer edge.

Etica White, hammered brass lamp

  • A pendant lamp made of hammered brass in a white matte finish and
    a linear laser engraving along the circumference of the piece. Copper top cover and a colored fabric wire cord complete this distinctive design.

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