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ETICA Floor by Ilide is a handmade floor lamp with high aesthetic value that completes the ETICA family (<<<<LINK>>>>). Its diffuser consists of a fine porcelain 'heart' that is translucent, enclosed in a precious blown glass shell that protects it and gives a smooth appearance. The shade is supported by an elegant chromed steel rod with a marble base.


The internal porcelain is crafted and finished by hand. During the creation a colored glaze in random designs is applied inside using natural and warm apricot tones. When switched off the handcrafted ETICA lamp manifests its delicacy presenting a white, clean and neutral nature; when switched on the light filters past the fine porcelain heart and reveals the color and character. 


Being handmade each lamp will have a unique and exclusive design internally because of the touch of color applied by hand. The range of one of ILIDE'S most successful products is expanded with the floor version of ETICA, an ideal complement to enrich your decor, ETICA Floor is a lamp that amazes and also looks nice when the light is switched off. 


An elegant and refined artisan floor lamp, the result of substantial experimentation. The production process of the artisan lamp ETICA, the manufacturing of glass and porcelain, is performed in the Veneto area of Italy, renowned as much for pottery as for glass processing. The marble base is offered in shades of white Carrara (Tuscany). An all-Italian charm, carefully balanced between functionality, artistic content and decorative pleasure. 


ETICA floor, with carefully designed details, is an object characterized by a discrete and balanced nature, which can be included in any furnishing context whether classical or modern, residential or corporate. A light source but also a high quality decorative piece enriched by the presence of marble. A unique product that adds to the beauty of homes and furnishings. 


ETICA floor is a true work of design that, with its functionality and elegance, suits living rooms, bedrooms or small offices by making them innovative and unique.

Etica floor, designer floor lamp

  • With this new floor version of Etica, ILIDE expands the range of one of our most successful products. As with the suspension lamp, the floor version is made of a blown glass veil that holds a heart of translucent ultra-fine porcelain. Etica’s heart is crafted of ultra-fine porcelain coated manually with a light ochre glaze and bearing a unique design. Turned off, the lamp reveals
    its white, pristine nature. Illuminated, it produces a bright, even light. Marble base.

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