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ETICA by Ilide is an artisan pendant lamp with high aesthetic value. Its diffuser consists of a fine porcelain ‘heart’ that is translucent, enclosed in a precious blown glass shell that protects it and gives a smooth appearance. 

The internal porcelain is crafted and finished by hand. During the creation a colored glaze in random designs is applied inside using natural and warm apricot tones. When switched off the handcrafted ETICA lamp manifests its delicacy presenting a white, clean and neutral nature; when switched on the light filters past the fine porcelain heart and reveals the color and character. 

In addition to the traditional version with a clear glass case, the range of ETICA has recently been enriched by two new versions to suit every need: smoky and amber glass.

Being handmade each lamp will have a unique and exclusive design internally because of the touch of color applied by hand. ETICA gives a diffused cone of light, ideal for illuminating objects on a surface, it is also a lamp that amazes and looks nice when the light is switched off.

The production process of the artisan lamp ETICA, the manufacturing of glass and porcelain, is performed in the Veneto area of Italy, renowned as much for pottery as for glass processing. An all-Italian charm, carefully balanced between functionality, artistic content and decorative pleasure. 

ETICA appears natural in any setting, its discreet and balanced nature makes it an object that fits into any furnishing context whether classic or modern. A light source but also a high quality decorative piece that enhances and adds value to the beauty of a home and its furniture. For very large spaces, such as on a long table or in a corridor, we suggest using more lamps.

Alone or in combination with more elements, ETICA is the ideal solution to illuminate kitchen counter tops, tables, lounge corners, but also as a lamp hovering beside the bed instead of a classic bedside lamp, the accurate design will confer class in any environment in which you place it. An elegant and refined artisan pendant lamp, the result of substantial experimentation. The length of the steel cord is adjustable, for specific inquiries about the length of the cables we recommend filling in the information request form on the right. Compatible bulb: 1 x 15W E14, energy saver, not included.

ETICA, Artisan pendant lamp

Glass Color
  • A veil of blown glass cradling a heart of translucent ultra-fine porcelain realized manually with a unique design. Turned off, the lamp reveals its white, pristine nature. Illuminated, it produces a bright, even light.

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