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ILIDE's ERTA collection is a series of two lamps (small and large) made of mixed terracotta. Through the creation of a mixture of black and white soils worked by hand on the lathe, a "marblised" effect is created which maintains the warm and porous nature of the terracotta while also adding an unpredictable texture and marble-like veining that is different each time.

The ERTA PICCOLA version is a lamp specifically made for spotlights. It is suitable as a pendant lamp over tables, smaller tables or bar counters.

The ERTA LARGE version is the largest model designed to be hung over a table for solutions with more diffuse, less concentrated light.

ILIDE's ERTA collection is handmade by skilled ceramists from the city of Nove (VI). Nove is known worldwide as "The City of Ceramics", as it has been producing ceramics for three hundred years. Today production in Nove mainly focuses on commonly used objects or furnishing accessories. It has historic factories which are leaders in high quality production; they are particularly successful in international markets. The ceramists of Nove successfully reworked their traditions in the 1950s, and have made an important contribution and given prestige to contemporary Italian artistic production.

Erta Tall, mixed terracotta

  • A two colored terracotta pendant lamp handcrafted by Italian ceramic masters. Inspired by the Trulli Pugliesi form which originated in southern Italy. Ideal for kitchens, above table tops, islands, and countertops.

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