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CUORE is a ceramic jewelry box handmade by skilled Italian ceramists.

It is a simple and iconic product, perfect as a gift for those you hold dearest: they will surely appreciate its originality and iconographic design.


This object will never go unnoticed on a table or a sideboard; it will always catch the attention of your guests, who will want to know about its history and origin. An object designed not only to contain small memories, but also to hold the history and affection of those who have gifted it.


CUORE, the ceramic jewelry box by ILIDE, is handmade by skilled ceramists from the city of Nove (VI). Nove is known worldwide as "The City of Ceramics", as it has been producing ceramics for three hundred years. Today production in Nove mainly focuses on commonly used objects or furnishing accessories. It has historic factories which are leaders in high quality production; they are particularly successful in international markets. The ceramists of Nove successfully reworked their traditions in the 1950s, and have made an important contribution and given prestige to contemporary Italian artistic production.

Cuore, jewelry box

  • Enamelled ceramic vases or bowls of different inspiration and design. Available upon request for any occasion.

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