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CULLA by Ilide is a modern lamp in hand-blown artisan glass. Lively and harmonious, this pendant lamp has a deliberately simple line that is, however, highly attractive. The barrel shape of the lamp is folded on itself twice in the upper and lower openings, creating a shape that is difficult to obtain with common blown glass. In fact, CULLA's design is unprecedented; there are no similar shapes on the market. Yet it maintains a discrete character, similar to simple spherical and transparent pendant lamps.


The essential design of this modern glass lamp makes it easy to place in any environment. With its large size of about 30x30cm (11''x11''), CULLA is perfect hanging over the dinner table or in professional offices. Several elements can also be combined to create elegant compositions for large rooms.


The modern, articulated design of CULLA was conceived by finding the right balance between the need for formal originality and visual lightness, evaluating the need to furnish with transparency without creating confusion in the compositions used. 


CULLA is handmade with artistic glass in a purely transparent hue. The transparent electric cable and the chromed ceiling plate complete the finishes of this high-quality pendant lamp. The use of elongated, vintage style light bulbs (such as Edison) is recommended, as their warm light filament does not create glare (bulb not included).


Like all handcrafted glass products by ILIDE, CULLA is a unique piece created by skilled and certified Italian glassmakers, heirs to a precious "Italian Style" that is now exported worldwide and increasingly synonymous with luxury and elegance.

ILIDE guarantees the quality of its glass for life and certifies its year of manufacture, origin, that it is "100% Made in Italy" and bears the signature of the master glassmakers who have created the piece.


For specific requests and for further details on the product, we suggest filling out the information request form here on the side.

Culla, modern lamp

  • A pendant lamp with a modern rounded shape in hand blown transparent glass. It has an innovative 3-axis fastening that elegantly reinforces the design of the entire structure.

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