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CIOCCO by ILIDE is a series of handcrafted designer ceramic lamps, of an innovative conical shape with a cable cover knob on top.  The designer ceramic lamps in the CIOCCO series combine shape originality with care for finishing touches made using selective glazing. Only part of the lamp body is enamelled in glossy white while the edges of the form are left rough with a wax finish.


The pendant CIOCCO by ILIDE is a designer ceramic lamp created to express the contrasts between the material, the raw earth (the 'biscuit') that the object comes from and the white enamel finish, which coats and ennobles the surface.

CIOCCO is created leaving part of the raw material exposed, a new lamp with a modern finish, where the raw material is wrapped in enamel like a cloak, instead of a 'liquid' which covers it completely.


The pendant lamps series CIOCCO by ILIDE are decorative designer ceramic lamps, available in the PICCOLA (narrow) and GRANDE (wide) version, finely processed and finished to make the most of the highly decorative effect of ceramic: an ancient yet contemporary material, also because of the thoughtful design.

The handcrafted production process makes each artifact unique since no two will be exactly alike, small variations and irregularities are proof of this special production process which calls for being baked in the oven twice, making the coating robust and scratch-resistant for lasting and unchanging beauty over time.

The design of the CIOCCO series ceramic lamps furnish space according to the trends of contemporary style, which requires simple shapes and light colors.

CIOCCO, the series of designer ceramic pendant lamps by ILIDE merge the tradition of a natural and antique material such as ceramics with a careful study of forms and surface finishes, the result of research and attention.

Modeled in Italy, according to the contemporary and current aesthetics of our day, this series of CIOCCO pendant lamps by ILIDE retains the charm of a timeless object that enriches every environment with quality and pleasure. A unique piece in the culture of interior furnishing.

Ciocco Big, designer ceramic lamp

  • Ciocco is a tribute to the long ceramic tradition of northern Italy. Made of
    raw clay with a central band glazed in white. Ciocco is specifically designed for environments requiring direct light, such as above counters and table tops. It is also perfectly suited to many other areas, including kitchen islands, bedrooms, etc.

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