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CHIARA is a Murano glass lamp with an integrated LED light. The harmonious design, the soft and simple shape makes it a unique contemporary object, which naturally blends into any environment. 


A technological lamp with a high aesthetic value that discreetly blends into both modern and classic environments. It is perfect for illuminating living rooms, classy offices and for lending a touch of elegance and style to the reception area of hotels, restaurants or other public places.


With a simple clean design the heart of light consists of an ellipsoid in glossy white handblown glass, which acts as a diffuser without visible metal parts. It is powered by a 17,5W LED panel that emits 1300lm of soft, warm light. The light can come with a dimmer switch, to vary the luminosity output according to preference.


The Murano glass lamp CHIARA ensures extremely low power consumption, a lifetime of 50,000 hours, high light yield and unique brilliance. It works with grid voltage and therefore does not require a transformer. No infrared or UV ray emission and high color rendering (CRI 80). 


As a result of formal synthesis CHIARA is extraneous from fashion mechanisms and fits into both traditional and modern environments with elegance and discretion. 

Chiara, Murano glass lamp

  • Made of milk-white blown glass with a simple, clean shape, Chiara is an attractive hi-tech lamp that fits perfectly in both modern and traditional homes. Made with the most advanced LED technology, it is powered directly, without the use of transformers. An innovative light source with a neat design, extremely low power consumption, and incomparable brilliance.

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