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BELLA is a marble table lamp, with a shade made of handcrafted blown glass and an integrated LED light. The highest quality materials combine to create this impressive table lamp. The marble body of the BELLA lamp consists of a conical structure in sumptuous white marble from Carrara on which the blown glass diffuser rests lightly, diffusing an integrated LED light that is soft and natural.


The marble conical base is available in two heights: a 'tall' and 'small' version. Three different shapes inspired by the world of flowers were designed for the glass shade: Dahlia, Lily and Iris. The external sandblasted finish of this element allows a fluid and natural diffusion of the light, without glare.


The refined and elegant design of this marble table lamp is perfect for those looking for a totally unique object to include in both home and work environments. It has an absolute and timeless style, resulting from the mix of careful formal study and renowned Italian craftsmanship.


The marble lamp BELLA uses an integrated 400 lm latest generation LED that works with grid voltage and therefore does not require a transformer. It is dimmable at grid voltage with an LED dimmer switch. 


The low power consumption and high performance make this LED light marble lamp a perfect object for nighttime reading without disturbing your partner, or for creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the living area. 


Each lamp of the BELLA series gives a diffused, but not invasive, uniform, natural and comfortable light with only 4.5W energy consumption. Thanks to LED technology, the bulb will never need to be replaced (LED lasts an almost unlimited amount of time, approximately 50,000 hours).


With its noble and sculpture-like appearance it is perfect for lighting a corner of the living room, giving a unique and sophisticated style, it may also occupy a corner of the desk in your office or be a refined protagonist of the reception area of a hotel, a restaurant or any public place. For lovers of luxury it is also perfect as a bedside lamp.

Bella, marble table lamp

  • Bella aspires to the style and design of the 1960s. This series of modular table lamps offers multiple options for customization: Two types of glass for the covering, and the conical marble base is available in two heights.

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