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The lamp AURORA by ILIDE is a white pendant lamp made of glass blown  by Venetian masters. The lamp is made of translucent milky white glass, but the top is enameled  with an opaque white color. The product design has a very pleasant 'on-off' effect; when the lamp is turned off it appears to be a single suspended white body, clean and minimal. When the light is turned on only the bottom of the object is illuminated, thus focusing the light on the surface below. A designer object handmade by skilled artisans.


The lamp AURORA by ILIDE is a white pendant lamp designed to illuminate the center of the table where you need to concentrate light downwards. Its organic, clean shape, created by soft curves with no sharp edges, makes it a very discreet and clean object, it perfectly blends  into any type of environment in which there is a need for an unobtrusive white pendant, from the classic (which will combine it with vintage dark wood elements) to the most minimalist (characterized by the presence of metal and transparent fibers).


The finishing touches of the piece are white painted  frames and chromed pendant details.


The processing of blown glass, which is employed in the making of AURORA, is a high-level technique in which the glass is molded while hot.

Traditional craftsmanship and advanced industrial techniques, handiwork and technology, is the combination which has characterized and enhanced the tradition of Italian glass making  for centuries and from which ILIDE draws to create its pieces. AURORA, like all handcrafted glass products by ILIDE, is a unique piece created by skilled and certified Italian glassmakers, heirs to a precious 'Italian Style' now exported all over the world and increasingly synonymous with luxury and elegance.

ILIDE guarantees the quality of its glass for life and certifies its year of manufacture, the origin, that it is '100% made in Italy' and the signature of the master glassmakers who have created the piece.


The AURORA lamp by ILIDE is delivered with a standard length cable as shown in the data sheets, but on request it can be provided with cables of different lengths according to the needs of the room to be furnished. 

Aurora, white pendant lamp

  • Aurora is a lamp made of one single piece of milk-white blown glass. When the lamp is turned off, it reveals its natural and organic shape, as well as, the contrast between the glazed upper portion and the translucent bottom portion. Once switched on, the light illuminates through the lower section of the lamp.

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