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The lamp ALBA by ILIDE is a classic pendant lamp made of handcrafted glass, handmade by Italian glass makers and inspired by the French 'Art Nouveau' style of the early 1900s. The shape recalls that of conical ancient lights but it is modernized by a new crafting technique that combines what is known as 'thin ribbed' glass with 'ribbed' glass to create different radiant forms (the dome and the cone), processed separately and then fused with a technique similar to the Venetian 'incalmo'.


The classic pendant lamp ALBA is a stylish product that cannot go unnoticed in refined and classy contexts, it is an illuminating and decorative object, the result of a refined craftsmanship technique, coupled with attentive synthesis work of classical and traditional forms.

For those who wish to tastefully illuminate the rooms of their homes, bringing a touch of timeless elegance into the bedroom or the kitchen at the same time, ALBA by ILIDE is the perfect product. Alone or in a 3 to 4 piece cascade, it can provide every environment, residential or contract, with that classic and refined touch needed to strengthen the stylistic choices made.

Perfect with vintage-style light bulbs of elongated shape and Edison filament type.


The processing of 'borosilicate' glass, which is employed in the making of ALBA, is a high-level technique in which the glass is molded while hot.

Traditional craftsmanship and advanced industrial techniques, handiwork and technology, is the combination which has characterized and enhanced the tradition of Italian glass making  for centuries and from which ILIDE draws to create its pieces. ALBA, like all handcrafted glass products by ILIDE, is a unique piece created by skilled and certified Italian glassmakers, heirs to a precious 'Italian Style' now exported all over the world and increasingly synonymous with luxury and elegance.

ILIDE guarantees the quality of its glass for life and certifies its year of manufacture, the origin, that it is '100% made in Italy' and the signature of the master glassmakers who have created the piece.


The lamp includes a cord covered in white cloth of standard length as shown in the data sheets. On request, the lamp can be assembled with cables of different lengths according to the needs of the room to be furnished. To customize the cable length please fill in the information request form located to the side.

Alba, classic pendant lamp

  • Alba is a fitting name for this perfectly refined lamp. Its “rising sun” stripes cast a warm, inviting glow. The strength, grace, and balance of this lamp, conjure a pleasing sense of calm wherever it is placed. In ‘rigato’ and ‘rigatino’ glass, made through a technique similar to “incalmo”.

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